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Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is a methodology used to define inspection program requirements in refinery, petrochemical, chemical plants and other industries which have fired & unfired pressure vessels. As described by the API 580 Recommended Practice, the primary objective of RBI is that risk is taken into account when developing inspection plans on an equipment level.
RBI is used to prioritize inspection, usually via the means of non-destructive testing, to determine the level of corrosion within each equipments. Typically items with high probability and high consequence will be given a higher priority for inspection than items which are high probability but failure has low consequence. This strategy allows for a rational investment of inspection resources
Our own developed software (Smart Inspector v1.2)TM, can store pictures, drawings and generate reports of inspection data and status for Inspection Authorities e.g. DOSH (Dept of Occupational Safety and Health).


  • Increased safety and reliability of equipments.
  • Detail equipment data and process conditions related to both hazards and corrosive attack.
  • Fewer Planned & Unplanned shutdowns
  • Generates reports for Authorities, time saving and resources of Plant personnel.
  • Multiple user system allows reports to be seen by other departments for action and information. Information can be made accessible to/from remote locations e.g. offshore locations.
  • Identification of potential damage mechanisms
  • Facilitates in getting extended CF approval from Authorities.

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