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Emergency Response Training

  • Assist in developing a ‘blue print’ for effective implementation of Emergency Response Arrangement for the Oil & Gas Sector.
  • To conduct a desktop assessment of the extent of the capabilities of emergency agencies currently available to respond to a Oil & Gas Emergency both onshore & offshore and provide a report.
  • Conduct a ‘Gap analysis’ of what is available and what is needed to have in place an effective Emergency Response capability for the different scenarios.
  • Identify the necessary infrastructure and equipment required for establishing an Emergency Response facility capable of responding to an onshore & offshore incident.
  • Identify personnel and training requirements for manning an Emergency Response unit.
  • Clearly define the roles and division of responsibilities of each organization or agency in the Emergency Response Matrix.
  • Map out clear details for such matters as preparedness planning, division of responsibilities, contingency response planning, risk assessments, access to equipment, media liaison, financial affairs, coordination efforts, response support and strategic planning.
  • Other pertinent items that may be required to make this Emergency Response Plan successful and effective.


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